Terms and setting conditions


§ 1. General


All services offered by ParkShuttle.de subject to the following terms and conditions. Whichever is the at the time of concluding the contract valid version. The customer agrees to the reservation, but not later than when entering the premises of ParkShuttle.de his consent to the Conditions and the present setting conditions, which he can view on the Internet.

§ 2 Scope

These terms and conditions apply for car storage, transport of customers from premises in Köln-Porz for Cologne / Bonn airport, his flight from there to the premises, and any other services that are provided on behalf of the customer for the customer. Other deviating provisions shall not apply, unless they are expressly acknowledged in writing by ParkShuttle.de.

§ 3 Conclusion of Contract

3.1. By booking the customer provides the parking operator to the conclusion of a lease.
3.2 The booking can telephone or online or be made through a travel agent.
3.3 The mediation agreement is concluded when the customer a booking confirmation by email or post of ParkShuttle.de not writing, by telephone or contradicts email.
3.4 Cancellation: You may revoke your contractual declaration within 2 weeks without giving reasons in writing (eg letter or email). The period begins with receipt of this instruction. The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation. The revocation must be sent to ParkShuttle.de-Service Center, Pauline-Christmann-Str. 4, 51107 Cologne, Germany or info@ParkShuttle.de. Consequences: In the case of an effective return the benefits on both sides received benefits derived are to be returned and, if applicable (eg interest) surrendered.. Can you not give us back received benefits in whole or in part, in so far as you have to make if necessary. Compensation. Special Note Your right of withdrawal expires prematurely if we have begun with the execution of the service booked before the end of the revocation period or you have initiated this yourself (eg by driving the car park).

§ 4 of the contract, performance, behavior on the site

ParkShuttle.de is obliged to have the booked by the customer service under this Agreement and to provide the agreed services. The subject of the contract includes the rental of a parking space for motor vehicles on the additional services and any other conditions specified, agreed upon in writing here. Neither custody nor detention are the subject of this contract. ParkShuttle.de accepts no care or special care obligations for brought by the tenant objects. With the confirmed reservation, the customer acquires the right to park his car in the period booked a parking space on the premises of ParkShuttle.de and to be driven with a shuttle service to Cologne / Bonn Airport and picked up upon re-arrival. After setting the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to lock the vehicle properly and to secure traffic usual. With regard to receivables from the lease ParkShuttle.de has a statutory lien on the set vehicle including the appropriate accessories. ParkShuttle.de is also entitled to remove the selected vehicles at the expense and risk of the respective tenant from the premises if, for example:

the lease terminated and the tenant can not be reached,
an adjusted vehicle defects by a general risk represents (eg leaking tank, etc.),
an adjusted vehicle is approved or not by the police was drawn during the contract period by the authorities from the market,
the vehicle was parked unjustified.
On the premises of the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations apply, unless special arrangements are determined below. On the resort can only be driven at walking pace. Vehicles may be parked in such a way only within the marked parking spaces, that at any time the unrestricted parking in and out on the adjacent garage places is possible. ParkShuttle.de is entitled to remove outside these areas and in particular the traffic areas parked motor vehicles with costs. The instructions of personnel to adjust the car or when picking up and leaving to be obeyed. The tenant is responsible for a set vehicle for oil or other liquid losses and all impurities caused thereby. Every customer and the persons authorized by him to behave so that hazards and damage to third parties are excluded. In the event of damage to the premises or its facilities, the costs incurred will be charged to the customer by eliminating invoice. The customer is forbidden to make repairs on the premises (except by authorized roadside emergency services), to wash vehicles or clean, drain or dispose of waste in the vehicle at the premises cooling water, fuels or oils. Impurities which the customer is responsible are promptly and properly disposed of by this. Otherwise ParkShuttle.de is entitled to remove these impurities at the expense of the customer. In the case of contamination of soil or groundwater by eliminating an authorized specialist company at the expense of the customer must be carried out. In these cases, the customer has no right of self-performance. The stay on the premises for purposes other than the vehicle attitude and collection, loading and unloading is not permitted, except during any waiting periods for transport to the airport Cologne / Bonn. Here too, the instructions of ParkShuttle.de, their employees and agents to follow. A driveway with oversized vehicles (vehicle height> 1.90 m) or on large vehicles (vehicle-width> 2 m) is not possible! The contract ends with the exit.

§ 5 Fee & Payment

For the price calculation, the current price lists at the time of concluding the contract, which can be viewed on the Internet apply. Times for parking services are charged according commenced calendar days from the time of entry into the parking area. ParkShuttle.de is authorized to use without notice another breakdown or calculation. The confirmation includes the final payment for the promised performance, unless the customer covers the time of booking or wants additional chargeable services that were at the time of confirmation unknown. The fee for the booked parking space and other benefits will be paid at the latest on arrival at the car park at the bar. In case of electronic payment to his bank the customer places in the event of non debitable demand explicit permission ParkShuttle.de or a person nominated by it to inform the address of the customer and any further information that is the balancing of demand expedient. With electronic payment, the customer accepts the applicable himself from participating in the debiting procedure rights and obligations with its PIN, even without his signature, explicitly. The prices include the applicable VAT with a. ParkShuttle.de may refuse to release the set vehicle until full payment of the invoice price.


§ 6 rescission and damages


ParkShuttle.de grants the customer a timely any right of withdrawal. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the stated time of arrival on the premises are no cancellation charges. If you cancel less than 24 hours has ParkShuttle.de entitled to appropriate compensation which may optionally contain a precisely calculated compensation or a withdrawal fee i. H. v. 50% of the agreed price. A mutual resignation for an important reason remains unaffected. This occurs due to force majeure, significant asset deterioration since conclusion of the contract or the opening or apply for insolvency proceedings against the assets of one of the Parties, as well as in cases of justified concern on the part ParkShuttle.de, the use of the services booked by the customer will the operational safety or the reputation of endanger the company. The right of termination performing party is obliged to inform prior to exercising the right of termination for good cause the other Party about it without delay. A claim for damages is excluded in these cases.


§ 7 Liability / Disclaimer


ParkShuttle.de liable for all they carried, their employees or agents culpably caused damage due to the following provisions. In property damage ParkShuttle.de is only liable for intent or gross negligence, unless claims under the Product Liability Act, or a cardinal obligation for the proper execution of the contract are affected. The liability for damages from injury to life, limb or health of a person shall not be affected. Significant cardinal obligations within the meaning of the concluded contract, the provision of a parking space and movement of customers between premises and Cologne / Bonn Airport.

Bookable additional services (Specials) are expressly excluded from this and do not belong to the cardinal obligations of the contract. Any further liability is excluded. The customer provides ParkShuttle.de so far free from all claims of third parties. Likewise, the customer ParkShuttle.de indemnifies for damage to force majeure and damage caused by internal and external unrest, war events and elemental forces of nature and weather influences on the parked vehicle. All restrictions apply regardless of whether the parking space in the parking garage (covered) or is on the open space. A claim for compensation of the customer to a reduction or damages then deleted, if it has the purpose of damage assessment reported the damage is not immediately (without undue delay) and the case of obvious damage before leaving the site of supervisory staff. ParkShuttle.de is not liable for damage and destruction of motor vehicles, including their contents and loads caused by acts of third parties, for example, have been caused by other tenants or other persons. This also applies to thefts and theft of motor vehicles, vehicle parts, vehicle content and mixed loading (eg car radio, car phone, personal valuables, computers, photographic equipment, sports equipment and the like).

The guarding and safekeeping of the vehicle are not subject of the contract. Damage must be notified to the staff however immediately. ParkShuttle.de endeavors with the greatest care to convey to customers in time for an announced departure time to Cologne / Bonn airport. The timeliness of arrival is not subject of the contract. Claims for damages, especially those from countries not reached departures and other lost appointments are excluded. Compensation claims are also excluded in a failure to use the booked services due to late Driving the customer. By driving the ParkShuttle.de-curtilage of the customer assures that the driver is in possession of the necessary driving license and the vehicle has the legally prescribed insurance coverage until they leave the premises. At the request must be submitted license and vehicle registration certificate to the employees of ParkShuttle.de and agents. In special cases, also the evidence sufficient insurance coverage be required. Can not be submitted to the aforementioned documents, ParkShuttle.de is entitled to refuse performance of the contract. In these cases the customer is not entitled to damages. The customer has to park his vehicle within the prescribed marking and that is that any time the unrestricted parking in and out on the adjacent garage places is possible in such a way. If the customer is assigned to a specific off road, the customer is obliged to park his vehicle only on the prescribed Einstellplatz. If the customer violates this provision, so ParkShuttle.de is entitled to spend the illegally parked vehicle by appropriate measures at the expense of the customer to the assigned carport or necessary to towed at the expense of the customer, especially when the vehicle is parked behinderndem. The premises and operating facilities must be treated by the customer and all other traveling with him people (mitgebuchte people) with care and properly. The customer is liable in relation towards the park and shuttle for mitgebuchte persons whose actions and must be imputed and represented. In case of damage, the costs incurred will be charged to the customer by eliminating invoice. The customer is forbidden to make repairs on the premises (except by authorized roadside emergency services), to wash vehicles or clean, drain or dispose of waste in the vehicle at the premises cooling water, fuels or oils. Impurities which the customer is responsible are promptly and properly disposed of by this. Otherwise ParkShuttle.de is entitled to remove these impurities at the expense of the customer. In the case of contamination of soil or groundwater, the removal by an authorized specialist company at the expense of the customer must be carried out. Regardless of fault, the customer is liable for all damage caused as a result of technical defects by authorized by him or by him to third parties introduced to the premises of ParkShuttle.de vehicle (z. B. Loss of oil, explosion, fire, loss of cooling water, etc.). This applies even if such defects have not been included in the state report on the vehicle or previously were unknown. For valet parking applies: The vehicle is during transfer journeys always self-assured! It is expressly pointed out that the convicted car are not additionally insured through Pakshuttle!

§ 8 Data Protection

8.1. The ParkShuttle.de data made available are protected under the Federal Privacy Act. The customer agrees that his data will be processed electronically and stored ParkShuttle.de under the contractual relationship. The data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless there is legal or official obligation. To the extent necessary for job placement, may levied upon registration subscriber data, such as name, address, phone number, license plate number and payment information will be forwarded to the respective service provider.

8.2. The continued optimization of the online service for its customers, collects and processes ParkShuttle.de information regarding the use of its affiliated Web sites. These include, inter alia, statistical surveys on the frequency of visits and time spent on each of the sites ParkShuttle.de.

8.3. The customer authorizes ParkShuttle.de data store for the provision and development of additional services, for direct marketing via e-mail, letter or fax, billing and auditing to keep records, for checking credit or other monetary payment cards for security purposes, as well as for administrative and legal purposes, for System testing, maintenance, development, for statistics, for compliance with legal and other requirements and to facilitate further contacts with the customer. ParkShuttle.de will store data for these purposes by its customers and use and pass on to car park operators and the authorized representative of ParkShuttle.de, to authorities or providers of those services.

8.4. When booking, the following customer data from ParkShuttle.de be collected and stored: – Personal data (customer name, address, communication contacts) – Performance relative to the booking (activity type and date, prices, booking date of performance)

§ 9 Final Provisions

Changes or additions to the contract must be in writing. Verbal commitments or unilateral changes or additions of one of the parties are ineffective. Performance and payment is Cologne.

In rare cases there may be overbooking come so then the vehicle key to prompt the staff to be passed! On request, a transfer protocol can be created to ensure that is not used improperly their vehicle during their absence!

If one or more provisions of this contract should prove to the applicable law to a result as invalid, the invalid provision will be replaced by a valid, legally compliant provision in such a way that closely matches the intent of the original provision. The remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

This contract is subject to German law. Jurisdiction is Cologne.

N. Akbas
Pauline-Christmann-Str. 4
51107 Köln in North Rhine-Westphalia

Stand Dec 2013

With the date of issue of these General Terms and Conditions all previously used general terms and conditions (GTC) for ParkShuttle.de invalid.